Ask the mortgage adviser - Chloe - from Signature Funding Solutions

Life as a Mortgage Adviser…


I must say it is both challenging and rewarding at the same time. Being able to assist someone to achieve their dreams, whether this be purchasing their first home, starting their portfolio or moving to their forever home is the reason I love my job. We are here to help, to make that dream a reality and to be a part of that is gratifying.


When I’m not in the mortgage world…

I spend most of my time with my 4-legged best friend Leo the Dachshund who is my personal shadow wherever I go. The long walks and adventures as a family are what fills my spare time and what I enjoy doing most of all.


First time buyer top pieces of advice…

As a first-time buyer purchasing your first home can be the most exciting yet daunting experience. Here are some of my own personal top tips I would recommend:


1. Speak to a Mortgage Adviser first
Before you begin setting your sights on a property you have seen or begin attending property viewings, it’s always recommended you speak with a mortgage adviser first. This will allow you to understand the process fully, gain a Decision in Principle so you know what you can afford and answer any questions you were unsure about. Please always remember no question is a silly question!


2. Check your credit report
I would recommend to obtain a copy of your credit report to ensure all payments are up to date and all the information on there is correct to avoid any surprises when trying obtain a mortgage. Make your adviser aware of any mishaps on your credit file (if any) and also ensure that you are registered at your current address on the electoral roll.


3. Reduce Credit Commitments
The more credit commitments you have the less you are likely to be able to borrow on a mortgage. This is because the lender will take into account the monthly outgoing against your earnings leaving you with less disposable income to service the mortgage payment. Therefore, if you debating having a new car on finance it may be best to hold off on that new Mercedes if you are looking to take out a mortgage soon!


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